Everyone can dance. Everyone deserves joy. And everyone can heal.

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amovementmovement (A2M) is an organization on a mission:

We are dedicated to recapturing the power of dance to inspire, educate, and connect people - transforming movement into healing for communities worldwide.

See a performance.
Take a workshop.
Support the mission.

Do a little dance.
Make a little love.

Movements are meant to be joined.

A2M is redefining the role of dance in our culture.

We see dance as the intersection of self-expression and collective celebration. It is both unique and universal, connecting the story in each of us to the story of all of us.

See what dance looks like to us:

“Performance and a Party” (New York City, 2018)

“Performance and a Party” (New York City, 2018)

We recapture the power of live performance to inspire people.

“Skills and Spirit” Workshop (Seattle, 2019)

“Skills and Spirit” Workshop (Seattle, 2019)

Our workshops teach skills and fuel the spirit, creating a safe space for self-expression and collective celebration.

The 40|40™ program (Atlantic City, 2017)

The 40|40™ program (Atlantic City, 2017)

Our 40 | 40 program strengthens communities and empowers individuals through movement-based healthcare.


"If I can't dance, I don't want to be part of your revolution."

Don't worry Emma Goldman, us neither.