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Elia Mrak, founder of amovementmovement (A2M):

Everyone can dance. Everyone deserves joy. And everyone can heal.

We use dance to inspire, educate, and connect - transforming movement into healing for people worldwide.

How do we do it?

We perform, we teach, and we bring movement-based healthcare to underserved communities.

How do you do it?

See a performance.
Take a workshop.
Learn about our healthcare programs.
Do a little dance.
Make a little love.

Movements are meant to be joined.

“Performance and a Party” (U.S.A. 2019)

“Performance and a Party” (U.S.A. 2019)

The Warrior Poets are an artistic collective dedicated to the power of performance to inspire and entertain audiences of all backgrounds. They also teach dance workshops focused on learning skills and expressing the spirit - accessible to all people, from professional dancers to everyone else.

The 40|40™ program (Atlantic City, NJ, 2017)

The 40|40™ program (Atlantic City, NJ, 2017)

The 40/40 program supports underserved communities by strengthening social connection, empowering individual self-worth, and improving vitality through movement-based healthcare.


"If I can't dance, I don't want to be part of your revolution."

Don't worry Emma Goldman, us neither.