"I don’t use my cane anymore."

- Gloria "Miss G" Torres, Age 65, Atlantic city, NJ 2017


The 40|40 Community Health Program Changes Lives

Video: Highlights from The 40 | 40™ at Meadowbrook Apartments, San Diego, CA (2016)

This unique program is a combination of movement classes, personal training, nutrition, fun events, and artistic performances. The movement methodology is different from typical health programs because it blends the healing of Tai Chi, the joy of dance, and functional movements for balance, strength, and coordination. The program works because participants feel like they belong to something special, in which each individual is supported by the group.

Performance by Elia Mrak, Yiannis Logothetis and Hannah Wendel Filmed by Gabriel Molton; Edited by Hannah Wendel

The program is designed to incorporate proven scientific studies that show the ability to move up and down from the ground, and in and out of a chair, is the number one metric for overall health and life expectancy. Studies have also shown that individual attention combined with collective celebration nourishes, heals, and inspires us to be alive. The 40 | 40™ stands apart in its innovation, methodology and proven results in different community contexts.

We have successfully implemented The 40 | 40™ in three different projects - Seattle (2013) for business professionals; San Diego (2016) for low-income families; Atlantic City (2017) for low-income elderly and differently-abled residents.