2019 Tour Dates

Seattle, WA - Feb 15th. @ The Collective Seattle

Chicago, IL - March 29th. @ Fulton Street Collective

Los Angeles, CA - May 24th. @ Navel.LA

Seattle, WA - June 13th. @ MadArt Seattle - Buy tickets and find out more

New York City - July 3rd @ Triskelion Arts - More info to come!

Performance and a Party was born in 2016 when Hannah Wendel, Elia Mrak, and Yiannis Logothetis created a high-quality dance performance to accessible, non-traditional spaces in New York City, with a live DJ and a drink bar. Looking to attract people that normally do not attend concert dance in a theatrical setting, they set out to find more rustic and industrial spaces to transform into pop-up performance venues for a night. They blend contemporary, folk, and street dance into dramatic, humorous, and engaging physical performance.

How the night flows: People enter a cool, unique space. They meet new people, and enjoy a drink. With all seats set up for a great intimate view, the audience watches a show (45min) that blends contemporary dance, folk dance, house dance, and audience engagement. It is awesome and powerful. The show ends, and then we all party together with a DJ in the same space.

It's a fun evening of performance, partying, and dancing all tied into one. The entertainment value is as high as the virtuosic artistic quality. In 2019, Hannah, Yiannis, and Elia formed their performing collective, The Warrior Poets.