‘It feels like you are teaching us how to be better human beings.’

- Ethan, New York City, 2017

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Our workshops teach skills and inspire the soul.

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Skills and Spirit

a workshop of dance, philosophy, and spirit

Elia’s workshop teaches movement skills and inspires the soul. The workshop draws from Martial Arts, Dance, and Somatic practice, and turns it movement skills into expression and connection. The workshop is designed for the advanced professional and the curious beginner. The work honors the body and the spirit, because we all have both.


Up & Down

This workshop will teach you how to connect with yourself, others and the space around you in a profound and joyful way. Learn how to break free from familiar patterns of stress and tension through the art and science of movement. When you change how you move, you change how you live.

I felt more ‘juice’ in my joints and space opening up within my body. We were smiling and looking at one another in the eye. This is not just a movement class but a culture.
— christine, after an Up & Down workshop in vancouver, B.C. 2016