‘The audience is a witness to the conversation between the dancer and the Gods.’

- Chinese Proverb

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 amovementmovement (A2M) is dedicated to recapturing the power of live performance to inspire people. We believe in the sacred role that performance plays in telling stories, touching people, and celebrating the human experience.

We are The Warrior Poets

a dance collective created by Hannah Wendel, Yiannis Logothetis, and Elia Mrak to support the mission of A2M.

A poet shares their truth. And a warrior fights for a cause. Our truth is dance. And our cause is performance.

‘Performance and a Party’ is our event that flows from a gathering, to a show, to a collective dance party.

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Performance and a Party

Performance and a Party was born in 2016 when Hannah Wendel, Elia Mrak, and Yiannis Logothetis created a high-quality dance performance to accessible, non-traditional spaces in New York City, with a live DJ and a drink bar.

a talk with myself

a talk with myself is the story of two men and two different cultures; they share an internal journey to meet and adapt to the constant change of this world. It evokes a children's game that connects the intuitive, that which protects, heals and liberates us. This piece consecrates the spirit of gratitude through dance, music and words.