‘The audience is a witness to the conversation between the dancer and the Gods.’

- Chinese Proverb

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 amovementmovement (A2M) produces performances because telling stories honors the collective human experience.

a talk with myself

a talk with myself is the story of two men and two different cultures; they share an internal journey to meet and adapt to the constant change of this world. It evokes a children's game that connects the intuitive, that which protects, heals and liberates us. This piece consecrates the spirit of gratitude through dance, music and words.

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Performance and a Party

‘Performance and a Party’ is our unique event that flows from a gathering, to a show, to a collective dance party.

Performance and a Party was born in 2016 when Hannah Wendel, Elia Mrak, and Yiannis Logothetis created a high-quality dance performance to accessible, non-traditional spaces in New York City, with a live DJ and a drink bar.